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Sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace course image

Sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace

This one day course is aimed branch reps interested in increasing their confidence and knowledge around LGBT equality. The course will benefit those who are keen to get more involved with the work of their local branch around ensuring that working practices support equality.

This course will help you understand some of the general and specific issues relating to LGBT equality, both in the workplace and in wider society. It will give you the confidence to challenge current practice and look and ways to influence positive changes and improvements.

The course will enable you to:

  • understand the language used when addressing LGBT equality
  • identify local structures supporting equality
  • understand the impact of current practice
  • explore attitudes in wider society
  • explore attitudes toward gender reassignment in the workplace
  • identify campaigning issues around equality specific to LGBT equality.

If there are no course dates listed below, or if you'd like to be made aware of further dates, please register your interest here.