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Effective negotiating & bargaining: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 March 2021

This course is aimed at more experienced reps and officers who are involved in local negotiations. Participants ideally should have completed rep, learning reps, safety or equality rep introductory training before applying to attend this course. This course will also give those who attended 'strike school' an opportunity to put their previous learning into practice.

Why attend?

The ability to conduct successful negotiations is paramount to a branches effectiveness and strength. This course is an opportunity for reps and officers involved in branch negotiations at all levels to increase their understanding and confidence to better represent UCU members on a whole range of current collective issues.

The course will examine:

  • the role of the UCU negotiator, the negotiating team and the wider membership
  • legal rights that may be used to support negotiations
  • links between branch organising and campaigning activity
  • the different stages of negotiation
  • techniques for communicating effectively and responding to unfair tactics in negotiations
  • how issues of equality and diversity impact on negotiations.
  • different negotiating styles
  • how to implement a successful collective bargaining strategy
  • how to involve members in all aspects of the bargaining process
  • mapping for bargaining 

For full aims and objectives please see the individual course advert.

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