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UCU health and safety reps

This course is aimed at all new and existing health and safety reps who have received no training. We also encourage branch officers to apply.

Every UCU branch should have at least one lead health and safety rep who sits on the branch committee. In addition it is good practice to have a branch network of health and safety reps to represent members working in different buildings, departments and faculties.

H&S 1: Induction (health & safety reps role and functions)

This three-day module forms the first part of a six-day training programme organised into two modules.

The course will cover: 

  • the role and functions of a safety rep
  • how to obtain facilities and time off to carry out the safety rep's function
  • using the safety reps and safety committee regulations
  • employers' duties under health and safety legislation
  •  a trade union and equal opportunities approach to health and safety
  • how to organise UCU members around hazards at work
  • develop essential safety rep skills.

H&S 2: Organising and bargaining for health and safety

This three-day module forms the second part of a six-day training programme organised into two modules.

The course will cover the following: 

  • how to improve health and safety training
  • planning  and conducting health and safety inspections
  • using a systematic approach to tackling health and safety problems
  • how to improve the risk assessment process
  • negotiating effective polices and procedures around stress and violence
  • how to build union organisation around health & safety issues
  • further development of key skills become an effective safety rep.


If there are no course dates listed below, or if you'd like to be made aware of further dates, please register your interest here.