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Equality reps

This course is aimed at UCU equality officers, equality reps, and other branch officers, who want to learn more about how to use equality legislation to tackle discrimination at work and how to develop and promote a branch based equality agenda.

Why attend?

UCU equality reps and officers will work within branches to promote equality with the employer and union members. This could include looking at issues such as flexible working, absence management, discriminatory practices, equal pay and equality impact assessments. This course will give reps an introduction to the knowledge and skills that they will need to carry out their role.

This course will help you:

  • understand the role of the UCU equality rep or equality officer
  • ensure equality is embedded within the branch bargaining and organising agenda.
  • find out more about discrimination legislation
  • improve equality policies and agreements
  • find out about good practice and share success stories
  • promote equality in the workplace, branch and the union
  • develop tools and techniques for raising equality issues
  • develop equality networks
  • sharpen negotiating skills.

If there are no course dates listed below, or if you'd like to be made aware of further dates, please register your interest here.

Equality reps: June 5 & 26 2019, Manchester

Please click on the course title in pink above to apply for this course. Please note: participants are expected to commit to attend both parts of this course.

Equality reps, 3 & 24 June 2020, Manchester

This course is aimed at all new branch Equality Reps and those in the branch with an interest in furthering their knowledge around equality.