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UCU welcomes report on Bologna process

30 April 2007 | last updated: 14 December 2015

UCU today welcomed the Education and Skills Committee's report on the Bologna process.

The aims of the Bologna Process are to create greater mobility between European countries for students and staff and to produce a system of easily comparable degrees.

Commenting on the report, UCU joint general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'The report rightly comes down cautiously in support of the Bologna Process and the still largely potential benefits which should accrue to the UK higher education system.

'If the Bologna Process is to deliver the benefits the report identifies, governments and other key decision makers in every country must engage fully with the staff representatives and trade unions of our universities. Only the full involvement of academic and support staff can deliver the Bologna goals where it counts, at institutional level where our members work.

'Bologna can play a key part in defending the shared historic values of European higher education, including autonomy and academic freedom within a public sector framework. We strongly support Bologna's aspiration to deliver greater mobility of academic staff, and look to the London Inter-Ministerial Conference to agree measures to help it become a reality.

'The Report rightly identifies the specific UK concerns over two year degrees and the diversity of UK masters degrees. We support the need to protect the range of the UK's higher education provision. It also highlights the relationship between the European Commission and 'Bologna' as a critical issue. There is a real need to satisfactorily resolve this relationship, particularly and urgently in respect of qualifications frameworks.'