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Control financial restrictions to enable student choice, says UCU

23 August 2006 | last updated: 15 December 2015

The results of the second National Student Survey (NSS) released today reveal that around 80 per cent of students are satisfied with their course.

UCU joint general secretary, Sally Hunt, welcomed the findings and the help the survey provides to prospective students. She also drew attention to the fact that that the increasing cost of going to university meant access to course information was more important than ever before as many students face restrictions on where and what they can study.

'The National Student Survey is a really helpful tool for students when considering their options at university. Genuine feedback from the people who have studied the course is far more useful than any glossy university marketing gimmick.

'Choosing where to study is far tougher for many students today than it ever has been. The increased cost of going to university is forcing more students to study close to home so it's vital they have as much information as possible when making that choice. We must ensure that further restrictions are not placed on future students. The removal of the cap on top-up fees would inevitably force many students to opt for the cheapest, not necessarily the most suitable, course.'