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'Life-changing' contract changes agreed at Open University

7 July 2021

Following extensive negotiations, UCU and the Open University (OU) have signed an agreement which means the university will implement a new permanent contract in August 2022. It also puts measures in place so that associate lecturers don't lose out in the interim.

The interim measures mean that from October 2021 associate lecturers will benefit from the main elements of the permanent contract. These include:

  • a 10-15% uplift in pay including additional annual leave and staff development allowance
  • an annualised salary that includes all elements of work, not just module teaching. Previously most associate lecturers were unpaid over the summer
  • no redundancies or loss of duties before being moved onto the new permanent contract in August 2022.

This contract agreement is a crucial step in ending casualised work, particularly the constant need to re-apply for teaching work even after years of OU employment. It also ensures OU associate lecturers can for the first time demonstrate regular income and job stability for rental and mortgage applications.

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