Boycott Leicester

Boycott Leicester: as an alumnus tell the university how disappointed you are

University of Leicester alumni are asked to write to the university to urge them to stop the current redundancy process and hold open discussions on the university's future.

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In particular, I am concerned that the institution you purport to lead fails:

  • to offer a wide range of experimental neuroscience in different model systems
  • to maintain a sufficiently high ratio of staff to students, that will ensure adequate contact hours, time for supervision and suffient time for staff to give high quality feedback
  • to support staff to teach and conduct research, so that students can benefit from research-inspired teaching
  • to trust the judgement of researchers to pursue important questions and instead attacks academic freedom, in breach of the 1988 Education Reform Act and Higher Education and Research Act 2017
  • to offer a broad range of English literature, including medieval literature, to a diverse student body
  • to offer pure maths as part of a comprehensive degree in mathematics
  • to offer a well-balanced informatics programme, and is, instead, overly focused on artificial intelligence and big data
  • to offer forward thinking and challenging management and business studies degrees, that include a critique of mainstream approaches
  • to provide adequate student-facing support for library users
  • to provide adequate support to enhance teaching, or establish initiatives such as 'decolonising the curriculum'.
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