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University of Central Lancashire strikes off as university agrees to suspend redundancies

22 March 2021

UCU has agreed to suspend strike action due to start at the University of Central Lancashire as a result of reaching an agreement with the university to suspend its plans to make staff redundant.

UCU and the University of Central Lancashire have issued a joint statement in response to this latest development:

Over the past few weeks, the university and UCU have worked jointly to identify solutions for the remaining numbers of academic colleagues who are at risk of compulsory redundancy as a result of the restructuring exercises.

This joint work has continued to deliver positive outcomes for colleagues, to the extent that the number of roles at risk has been reduced to four, with further discussions to be held over the coming days. The university is confident that the number will reduce still further as a result.

Given the progress to date, the university and UCU have agreed that the priority is to give ourselves the time to pursue the work on finding individual solutions for those people concerned. As a result, UCU has agreed to suspend the planned industrial action and the university has agreed to suspend its formal redundancy selection process, and explore redeployment options for the outstanding roles. The university and UCU are committed to remaining in constructive dialogue.

UCU regional official Martyn Moss said: 'UCU is pleased the threat of compulsory redundancies has been lifted. We remain committed to working constructively with the university to find individual solutions for the staff concerned.'