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Share your views and experiences regarding sexual violence in the workplace

4 March 2021 | last updated: 5 March 2021

The UCU sexual violence task group is surveying UCU members on the issue of sexual violence in our sectors.

Please check your emails for the link to complete the survey.

The survey takes around 7-10 minutes to complete and will close at 5pm on Friday 26 March. Your response will be completely anonymous: it will be impossible for anyone at UCU to identify you as the respondent unless you choose to identify yourself. 

Sexual violence includes a wide range of behaviours and is not restricted to physical assault. You will find a link to the group's working definition of sexual violence on the first page of the survey, along with an ethics statement, information about your privacy, and details of support which you can access through UCU and other channels. 

This is the first official survey of UCU members that has been done since a previous survey more than five years ago. I am strongly encouraging all members to respond, regardless of your employment status, sexual orientation, gender, race, disability, age, or whether you have personally experienced sexual violence before.

The task group is made up of UCU members working in further and higher education with experience of activism and research in this area. It is a time-limited project which aims to inform and develop our union's campaigning on sexual violence.

The task group has outlined other ways in which you can engage with its work beyond the survey. These include the possibility of one-on-one conversations between survivors and group members (subject to capacity) and a portal for you to submit creative responses about your experiences. Please read the opening page of the survey and the group's web page for more information. 

Finally, please use the dedicated email address for any queries relating to the survey or the broader work of the task group. 

Jo Grady 
UCU general secretary