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Mental health is a trade union issue: 8,15,22, July 2021, Online (national course)

This course is designed for reps who want to develop an understanding around why mental health is a trade union issue, and to ensure working practices support equality. This course would benefit both UCU equality reps, health and safety reps, and others in the branch who represent or negotiate on behalf of members.

Course meeting dates: 8th 15th 22nd July 2021

Course meeting times: 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Duration: 3 weeks

Total course hours: 15 - 18 hours over 3 weeks

Delivery: Online supported by weekly course meetings

Please ensure you can attend the entire course prior to submitting your application form. Please further ensure you have secured time off from your employer to attend.

We recommend that you take your facility time on the same day as your course meeting. This will allow you to complete the course activities, and to contact the tutor/attend the course de-brief where offered.

Some colleges may also offer a p.m. debrief between 3:30 and 4:00 p.m. this is not mandatory however, we would recommend you take the tutor up on the offer where available.

Online courses are no different to face to face courses in terms of time off for training. Time off for training is a right and one which should be exercised as part of normal industrial relations. For more info please see

UCU courses are funded via members' contributions and public funding. When you apply for a course we will assume that are making a commitment to attend the course as advertised, and have secured time off from your employer. Please contact you branch/region if you are having problems securing time off.

This course will help you to:

  • develop an understanding of mental health conditions and issues
  • identify how people with mental health conditions experience discrimination in the workplace
  • represent and support members with mental health conditions
  • discuss the role of trade unions in dealing with mental health issues
  • how can we negotiated workplace policies that support those with mental health conditions and issues
  • assess how the current pandemic has impacted on mental health conditions and issues

Throughout the course we will use the social model when discussing mental health. the social model states that a person becomes disabled by the environment and attitudinal barriers that they encounter, not by their medical condition

You may be asked to register with the delivering college in which your trade union tutor is employed. Some colleges may ask for your passport or equivalent identification details to register. UCU are working to limit these asks, but as it stands, if you do not register with the college you will be unable to join the course.

Your email address will be sent to the TUC on whose learning platform the course is situated. They will send you the course link where you will find your introductory activities and initially meet your course tutor.

Please enter your membership number on the application form below - It help the course administrator find your details more easily and is an enormous help. Thank-you