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UCU Scotland comment on commissioner for fair access annual report

5 June 2020

Commenting on the release of the annual report from the commissioner for fair access, Professor Sir Peter Scott, today Mary Senior, Scotland official UCU, said: 'The commissioner is right to highlight the challenges that the lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic are placing on efforts to meet widening access targets. Students from poorer backgrounds don't all have the same access to spaces to study, broadband or the equipment needed to access online learning opportunities. Not all parents and guardians are able to provide, or have the confidence to provide, the nurturing and support required for home learning.

'The financial challenges that the pandemic is placing on universities also raises real concerns about how widening access can remain a priority. Students from poorer backgrounds need more support and resources from lecturers and student support staff, not less and universities must continue to provide the teaching and support than enables students to access, and progress successfully through, university education.'