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Every vote counts and today is your last chance to post yours

28 October 2019 | last updated: 5 March 2020

Today is the last day you can post your votes in either of UCU's higher education ballots and be sure they will arrive by the Wednesday 30 October deadline.

Tens of thousands of votes have already been cast, but we can't stop there. Every branch needs at least 50% of its members to vote in order to be able to join any industrial action.

The 50% threshold is not something we have chosen. Nor is the requirement to vote by post. Both are requirements imposed on us by trade union legislation. The higher the overall turnout and the higher the number of branches over the threshold, the more pressure we can put on our employers to negotiate properly with us.

We are campaigning for a fairer higher education sector. Bit by bit, we can get there - but only if you take the first step and cast your vote.

The ballot results will be announced later this week, and the elected reps on UCU's higher education committee (HEC) will meet on Friday to discuss the results and consider our next steps. Please watch this space for further updates.

Jo Grady
UCU general secretary